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ACOUSTIC PREMIUM 134mm x 2440mm

ACOUSTIC PREMIUM 134mm x 2440mm

Revitalise your space with our new line of fully MDF wall and ceiling acoustic panels, offering the added benefit of a special moisture barrier feature for enhanced durability. With a simple and seamless installation process—each panel effortlessly slots into the next—minimising installation time and resulting in a smooth, flawless finish.

Eliminate reverberation and achieve a fresh, natural ambience. Enhance auditory clarity and overall well-being. Experience the robustness complemented by its moisture barrier feature.

Each Panel has a width of 134mm and hight of 2440mm

  • Milled MDF
  • Acoustic enhancement
  • Distinctive moisture barrier
  • Versatile installation – vertical, horizontal, or diagonal
  • Low maintenance
  • Stock stored in our UK warehouse
  • Ethically manufactured in accordance with EU standards


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