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Floortech Inovation

Floortech Inovation MS Adhesive

Floortech Inovation MS Adhesive

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Floortech Inovations MS Adhesive is a solvent and water free adhesive specificlly designed for fixing all types of wodden floors dricetly onto all common substrates eleminating the need for battens. This MS adhesive is also sutible to use with our underfloor Heating products such as 4mm decupling panels and XPS Insulation boards

Product Benefits:

  • 100% Active, solvent and water free.
  • Permanetly felxable - comensates for subfloor movment.
  • Will bond wood to all common subfloors
  • Full bead elastic product, gives excellent sound deadening/acoustic properties
  • Odourless
  • Excellent Gapfilling properties for uneven surfaces.

Technical Data

  • Skin formation - Approx 30 min
  • Temperature resistance - -40 degrees - + 80 degrees
  • Time before traffic/sanding - 24hrs after bonding
  • Compleate cure - 36-48hrs
  • Coverage per tub - up to 14sqm
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