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Tilemaster - Eco - 3000 PS

Tilemaster - Eco - 3000 PS

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Tilemaster Eco-3000 PS is a pressure sensitive, solvent free flooring adhesive suitable for the installation of LVT floor coverings, specifically for design floors or where intricate designs are being installed. Tilemaster Eco-3000 PS has been specially developed to provide a short open time and high bond strength.

Tilemaster Eco-3000 PS is a pressure sensitive adhesive, making it ideal for use onto substrates that are having LVT floor coverings installed. The short open time of Tilemaster Eco-3000 PS gives high initial grab when installing design floors, or intricate designs that demand a higher level of detail and in turn an excellent final bond strength.

Formulated to give a fast tacking off time, Tilemaster Eco-3000 PS can be installed into in as little as 10 – 20 minutes.

Tilemaster Eco-3000 PS is suitable for use onto substrates such as concrete, sand / cement and calcium sulphate screeds that have been smoothed with a suitable smoothing compound and timber substrates overlaid with flooring grade plywood.

Approximately 80m² – 90 m²

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  • Pressure Sensitive - Ideal For Design Flooring And Intricate Designs
  • Short Open Time
  • Install Into After 10 Minutes
  • Excellent Initial Grab
  • High Bond Strength
  • Solvent Free
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