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Tilemaster - Prime Plus

Tilemaster - Prime Plus

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Primeplus is a highly advanced styrene butadiene polymer designed to prime, stabilise and seal substrates prior to the application of Tilemaster tile adhesives and smoothing and levelling compounds. Primeplus increases the adhesion and prolongs the working time of Tilemaster adhesives and Tilemaster smoothing and levelling compounds, and can be used on absorbent surfaces both internally and externally.

1 litre applied neat = 10m2 1 litre diluted with 3 parts water = 40m2 1 litre applied as a slurry coat = 18m2

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Light Green

  • Wall & floor primer for absorbent surfaces
  • Designed to prime, stabilise & seal substrates
  • Increases the adhesion of tile adhesives & flooring compounds
  • Prolongs the working time of tile adhesives & flooring compounds
  • Pigmented for ease of application
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