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UFH staples (Box of 300)

UFH staples (Box of 300)

  • Designed for efficiently securing underfloor heating pipes.
  • Available in 60mm or 40mm dimensions.
  • Approximately 300 staples per pack.
  • Easily installed with a UFH Staple Gun.
  • Suitable for use with screed, cement and concrete floors.
  • Made from flexible, durable plastic for easy installation.

UFH Staples offer a quick and convenient way to secure underfloor heating pipes and are compatible with screed, concrete and cement floors.

Made from tough, flexible plastic, UFH Staples can be installed by hand or take the labour out of the project by using a UFH Staple Gun.

Available in 60mm and 40mm sizes, UFH Staples are supplied in packs of approximately 300 staples for your convenience.

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