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UHF Stapler

UHF Stapler

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UFH Staple Gun or Tacker:

  • Takes the toil out of underfloor heating installations.
  • Quick and efficient way to secure heating pipes.
  • Compatible with 40mm and 60mm staples.
  • Staples can be pre-loaded for rapid fitting.
  • Staple gun operated from standing position for maximum comfort.
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Easy to use, fast and efficient, the UFH Staple Gun is a labour saving gift to the heating engineer.

Designed for use with 40mm and 60mm staples, the UFH Staple Gun is operated from an upright position, making it a must have piece of kit for any underfloor heating installation.

The UFH Staple Gun can be loaded with a magazine of staples for speedy installation and is the ultimate automated device for securing underfloor heating pipes.

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